• Botemanía is a bingo and casino site that has managed to become one of the most popular Spanish gaming brands within the online gaming industry, it delivers up to 500,000 euro daily in prize money.

    Botemanía offers its players a more enjoyable and memorable experience through exciting interactive promotions, awards and a lively chat community.


Botemanía offers a wide range of bingo games with progressive jackpots climbing to spectacular prizes. Users can try their luck playing Super Bingo, experience the thrill of Bingote or play at full speed with RapiBingo. Don’t forget its daily free game where you can play every day without spending a euro. Within their busy chatrooms, friendships are formed and victories are celebrated. This is all under the watchful eye of the fun and helpful hosts.

Player Value

50,000 users rely on Botemanía, who have helped make it the most popular bingo site in Spain. To Botemanía, the customer is the most important aspect and thanks to its Customer Service we can proudly say that total satisfaction is achieved time and time again.

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TV Advertisement

Botemanía has a brand new television campaign whose main character is Boteman, a peculiar superhero who fights boredom. With this TV campaign, Botemanía has also given the go-ahead to an exclusive promotion that gives €10 free to all those who register at botemania.es without making any deposits.

Botemanía Winners!

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